Meet Dr. Tyler Sheasby

Tyler grew up in Terrace where he was first introduced to dentistry through working part-time in the orthodontic office where is mother was a certified dental assistant. He graduated from UBC dental school in 2015 and has spent his time wisely gathering knowledge and experience in Vernon and Kelowna, BC with Dr. Debbie Zokol (coincidentally the daughter of one of Dr. McKay’s most influential mentors, Dr. Joe Zokol) as well as working at the Non Profit Access Clinic, to provide dental care to community members in need. 

Tyler also considers himself a lifelong student. He enjoys learning new aspects of dentistry and updating his knowledge to provide his patients with the best care and most up-to-date dental services. He also firmly believes in patient education and places a strong emphasis on explaining all treatment options and procedures to patients, to help them arrive at the solution that is best for their circumstance.

Outside the Office

Tyler and his wife Andrea love living in North Vancouver and enjoy the active outdoor lifestyle that the North Shore provides. In their spare time, they enjoy cycling, mountain biking, running, hiking, skiing, and travel. Tyler loves hockey and has been playing since he was a child.